I’m Alex Murrell, a Planner at Epoch Design in Bristol.

Since joining Epoch Design as a designer in 2010, I’ve gradually moved from an executional role to a strategic one. As a Planner I’m charged with ensuring that our creative output meets our clients’ business objectives. We call this ‘creative intelligence’ and it ensures our work is as effective as it is attractive.

Over the past few years, I’ve begun to sketch out the three broad and essential skills of creative intelligence.

  1. A creative curiosity and natural interest.
  2. An ability to spot relationships between information
  3. A talent for combining old ideas into new ones

This site is largely an exercise in these skills. I look to unbundle knowledge from the books I read (skill one), form associations between these disparate ideas (skill two) and rebuild them into new thoughts (skill three).

I hope you enjoy reading.


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