Interesting people are interested

For some reason the saying, “Interesting people are interested” sprang into my mind the other day. After mulling it over for a while I did some digging, pulled a few books off the shelf and ran a Google search.

It turns out that a similar sentiment has been noted by (at least) two authors, one that I follow online and two that I’ve read in print.

In ‘How to be Interesting’, the planner, Campaign columnist and Creative Director of Government Digital Service, Russell Davies writes:

“The way to be interesting is to be interested. You’ve got to find what’s interesting in everything, you’ve got to be good at noticing things, you’ve got to be good at listening. If you find people (and things) interesting, they’ll find you interesting.”

Russell published that in 2006. In the same year, the late Paul Arden published ‘Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite’. In it he writes:

“I left a friend of mine in a pub in Copenhagen; he knew only two words of Danish, ja and nej (yes and no).

A drunken man began speaking to him, and my friend interjected occasionally with ja or nej.

When I returned later my friend was still in conversation with the drunk, still using the same two words,

The drunk found my friend to be an interesting person, simply because he listened to him.”

And finally John Hegarty, in his book ‘Hegarty on Creativity’ notes:

“Do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you.”

Be inetrested and you’ll be interesting.

I read somewhere that if someone laughs at you, you will tend to think of them as funny.

It’s a similar phenomenon right?

If someone is interested in you, then you will tend to think of them as interesting.

It seems that when a characteristic of our own resonates with someone else, we reattribute that characteristic to them.

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